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本文摘要:Wherever we humans go, we leave behind a mess. That goes for space, too.人类所到之处都是一片狼藉,太空也不值得注意。

Wherever we humans go, we leave behind a mess. That goes for space, too.人类所到之处都是一片狼藉,太空也不值得注意。Today, our species is responsible for more than 500,000 pieces of junk hurtling around Earth at phenomenal speeds, and if we dont start actively removing the largest pieces, the risk of collisions will only grow worse.现在人类要为多达500,000个绕行地球高速飞行中的垃圾负责管理,如果我们再行不大力行动起来清扫大型垃圾,撞击的危险性只不会更加大。Imagine how dangerous sailing the high seas would be if all the ships ever lost in history were still drifting on top of the water, says Jan Wrner, European Space Agency (ESA) director general.欧洲航天局(ESA)局长Jan Wrner说道:“想象一下如果曾多次下落不明的所有船只都飘浮在水面上,在公海航行不会有多危险性。”That is the current situation in orbit, and it cannot be allowed to continue.“目前轨道上就是这种情况,无法再行任其之后发展了。

”Its almost as if we need a tow truck to remove all the thousands of failed satellites from our orbit; incidentally, thats exactly what the ESA is working on.就样子我们必须一辆拖车把成千上万颗失灵的卫星拖离轨道。偷偷地说一句,这正是欧洲航天局正在研究的。By 2025, the agency plans on launching the worlds first orbiting junk collector, a four-armed robot that tracks down space waste like Pac-Man in a maze.该机构计划到2025年升空世界上第一个轨道垃圾收集器,这个4条手臂的机器人就像迷宫里的不吃豆子的人一样跟踪太空垃圾。

The first-of-its-kind mission, known as ClearSpace-1, will start out small, collecting only a single piece of space junk to prove the concept works. The target in this case is called Vespa, a leftover remnant from ESAs Vega rocket launch in 2013.第一次这样的任务被称作ClearSpace-1(清扫太空-1),再行继续执行小任务,只搜集单件的太空垃圾来证明这一概念的可行性。这一任务的目标是Vespa,是欧洲航天局2013年升空织女星火箭留给的残骸。

This piece of junk weighs roughly the same as a small satellite and has a simple shape that should make it easy to grab with four robotic arms. Once its safely in the arms of the garbage collector, it will then be dragged out of orbit and allowed to burn up in the atmosphere.这件垃圾的重量完全相等于一颗小型卫星,形状非常简单,机器人的四只手臂应当能很更容易地捕捉。一旦被垃圾收集器安全性捕捉,就不会被扔下轨道,在大气层中焚毁。



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